MICHAEL VICK - QB - Virgina Tech Vick will have the perfect situation with Flutie in front of him. Now if they only had skill players.
GERARD WARREN - DT - Florida Arizona has had trouble with taking D-Linemen high but Warren may be able to change that.
LaDAINIAN TOMLINSON - RB - TCU Probably a bigger need than WR so Tomlinson goes instead of David Terrell and becomes the starter.
LEONARD DAVIS - OT - Texas Akili Smith hasn't gotten good protection this year so Davis is a logical pick. He will play Right Tackle.
JUSTIN SMITH - DE - Missouri Just what the Falcons need. A pass rushing end. Smith and former 1st Rounder Kerney are a solid duo.
DAVID TERRELL - WR - Michigan Kenyatta Walker will draw interest but Terrell is probably too good to pass up on if he's here.
KOREN ROBINSON - WR - NC State The Rod Gardner talk may just be smoke because an athlete of Robinson's caliber is hard to pass on.
KENYATTA WALKER - OT - Florida I don't think they'll take McAllister although RB is the biggest need. Walker is the best player on the board
DEUCE McALLISTER - RB - Mississippi With Charlie Garner gone, the Niners need a RB. McAllister is tailor made for the West Coast offense.
ROD GARDNER - WR - Clemson Brett Farve needs this pick. A big target like Gardner and not a Defensive player like Richard Seymour.
DAN MORGAN - LB - Miami Instead of reaching for a runner, the Panthers pick up another need in the playmaking LB Morgan.
DREW BREES - QB - Purdue A QB is needed in Kansas City, that is assuming Trent Green doesn't come here.
RICHARD SEYMOUR - DT - Georgia An inside presence is key in a run first AFC Central so Seymour is a more logical pick than a WR.
ANDRE CARTER - DE - California No Bruce Smith and no Marcellus Wiley that means the Bills need a DE and Carter is one of the best.
SANTANA MOSS - WR - Miami A weapon is what Washington needs and not many are more dangerous than the elusive Moss.
MARCUS STROUD - DT - Georgia This is what Pittsburgh needs. Even more than a CB. Stroud is the type of plugger Cowher covets.
SHAUN ROGERS - DT - Texas Even with the recent siginings, a younger DT is still needed. Rogers could benefit from the learning.
STEVE HUTCHINSON - OG - Michigan If Brees is around, look for the Lions to think about it but if not, Hutchinson could be a steal here.
CHAD JOHNSON - WR - Oregon State If no worthy Linemen on either side are here then a receiver who can start opposite Chrebet isn't bad either.
JAMAL REYNOLDS - DE - Florida State A playmaker and a leader, two things the Rams need to turn around a sub par defense.
JEFF BACKUS - OT - Michigan The Bucs don't have a stalwart at tackle like they did with Paul Gruber. Backus could be the one they need.
FRED SMOOT - CB - Mississippi State Smoot is the top cover corner in the draft and the Colts would be happy to have him if he falls to them.
FREDDIE MITCHELL - WR - UCLA A receiver or CB here. Look for Mitchell or maybe Santana Moss if he falls to come in and help out Joe Horn.
NATE CLEMENTS - CB - Ohio State A receiver or Tight End fits here as well but a CB like Clements could solidify that defense in a hurry.
CHRIS CHAMBERS - WR - Wisconsin Morgan is exactly what the Eagles are lacking. A big play guy for Donovan McNabb. 
REGGIE WAYNE - WR - Miami Wayne isn't rated as highly as Moss or Mitchell but he's just as if not more reliable and a safe pick.
WILLIE MIDDLEBROOKS -CB - Minnesota The Vikings most glaring weakness is filled with local product Middlebrooks who has great size and speed.
TODD HEAP - TE - Arizona State Finding a replacement for Ricky Dudley 
is a must. Heap definfitely won't drop as many passes as Dudley did.
DAMIONE LEWIS - DT - Miami With D'Marco Farr out it's time for a new DT. Lewis has the athletic ability to make a difference.
JAMAR FLETCHER - CB - Wisconsin The Giants would love to have another Badger in the first round this year in order to push Dave Thomas.
DOMINIC RAIOLA - C - Nebraska Raiola would be the perfect guy to replace Jeff Mitchell. Baltimore may also look at DT here.